Friday, February 10, 2012

my friend mott-ly

Currently in search of backing on KickStarter is a notable project that is very dear to my own heart.  'My friend Mott-ly' is a film being produced by documentarian, Chris Snipes about the short and inspiring life of a wonderful artist and mutual friend.

Here is Chris' project statement.  to learn more, visit his Kickstarter Page
My Friend Mott-ly is a testament about the life of a dear friend that ended all too soon. Mott-ly was dealt a bleak hand at birth, yet seemed to be able to employ some arduous alchemy to transform a considerable amount of suffering into an ever-deepening well of empathy and art. In this documentary, I attempt to chronicle his life as an homage to the person he was and in an attempt to relay the phenomenal impact he had on the lives of those who had the honor of knowing him.I spent the last four years interviewing over forty of Mott-ly's friends and family members. I have whittled over one hundred hours of footage into a two hour film. This experience has had a tremendous impact on my life and the lives of those who loved Mott-ly. Currently, I am in post-production, and the film will premiere June 2 at an art gallery in Kansas City, MO. This gallery is owned by a dear friend of both Mott-ly and I. It will also screen in Lincoln, NE, Mott-ly's birthplace. I then plan to enter the film in Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, and a few other film festivals.The money that I am hope to raise here will go toward: Editing software, music licensing fees, entry fees for film festivals, travel expenses, equipment, and the production and manufacturing of DVDs.For the most part this project has been a labor of love. I have paid for all the expenses out of pocket up to this point, but the expenses remaining cannot be accommodated by my income. Anything that you can give will help immensely. Please also consider that if I do not meet my financial goal, I do not get any of the money. Donors pledge an amount, but don't actually pay anything until the goal has been reached and the funding deadline has passed. So, please spread the word! I would love to see this film get out to an extended audience!

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