Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Twitter Tuesday

These candid expressions, from light-hearted, to sorrowful; sincere and irreverent, couldn't wait until Thursday!

..idk y but when other ppl die.. All I can think about is my funeral. like who is gonna show?.. Hmm
 Glen Coco 
That awkward moment at Bill Gates funeral when they play the windows shutdown song.
 Samantha Dancy 
Today- sunrise over Himalaya @ Nagarkot then witnessed a cremation in Pashpatinath, a festival @ Boudenath & a procession in Patan 
 Jason Marcus 
This funeral feels like a prank and the closed coffin makes me wanna peak inside. I bet when I open it up, spring-loaded snakes will pop out
When gino passed it was raining hard as shit and it was until the day of the funeral , so rain makes me think about gino all the time
RIP to the Homie Oneshot in Broadway heaven.....tomorrow is his funeral
 Sami Jones 
'Im at an after party for a funeral' @
The funeral cars just past my skool. I never heard 4000 plp so quiet. A Mother shouldn't have to bury the son
Just dropped pics onto my iPod for grams funeral. Bitter sweet memories...
 David GreenThumbNail 
Cremation is my choice. my ego doesn't require a hole & rock w/ my name on it. 
 dave van maanen 
Cannot sleep,worried about the cremation tomorrow
 Nyrik Lee-Morales 
I want "champagne life" by neyo played at my funeral when they carry me out the church....that's my song young
 Tasha ♡s chin chin 
I hate when I see the forceddd tears at a funeral
 Photoholicflix SAI 
I have gotten flowers delivered to me twice in my life. I wonder how many I'll get on the day of my funeral?
 Grace Jepson 
I'm going to a funeral tomorrow, I've never been to a funeral..
 roni gaston-baize 
Great service for my great uncle hopefully this will be the last funeral I have to attend 4 awhile..man 5 deaths in ... 
And I Have To Go Buy Some Black Slacks To Wear To The Funeral
 Charlotte Watts 
Bless my Mum. me: 'the funeral and cremation is nex..." mum: 'you say you want corriander for the prawns?"
Just came home from my brother's cremation. :(
 Greta Orbga 
My father in flames: Tanith Carey's father, Kim, was born a Hindu. He never practised the religion but when he d... 
Waiting for the bus into town need a. Cardigan for the cremation
 Veronica Maiden 
Cremation. I want to wear my Twickenham shirt. Plant a tree.
I really don't want to see the cremation...
38. I want my funeral to look like funeral from "Helena", My Chemical Romance song. 
 Pretty'Brat ♥ 
Im irritated and I have to go to this funeral ={
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