Thursday, March 17, 2011

Twitter Thursday Returns!

Yes, it's back again, more candid thoughts about death and funerals.  The inane and selfish, the witty and the poignant; all honest human thoughts culled from Twitter.  

It's disgusting that people pour cremation remains
of their loved ones in beaches, like people swim in
there , sounds mean bt its true ...
 Lyndsey Ford 

@ burial or cremation? Either way,
would you like confetti cannons? Xxx
Its sad that the only time all my dads cousins get
get together is when we have a family funeral or
tragic event.
 Misty Lattimore 
Man Can This Funeral Be OVEEEEEEEEEER! Geez!
 Kelci Jo △ 
Keep thinkin you cute, you flirtinn with death.
 Jessica Nguyen 
Shes going to the funeral cus she
thought he was cute -____-
 Joe Morton-Musik 
I'm going out drinking around Newcastle after the funeral!
Everything always works out well.
There's a bag piper playing for the funeral at the funeral
home on my street.
Now ya'll have to promise me if I die in my 40's ya'll have
to come to my funeral with copied tweets I said on twitter.
 Konstance Richmond 
When I die, I want to have a big funeral. 
Death is God's way of saying you're fired; Suicide is humans
way of saying you can't fire me, I quit. 
 sergio chicon 
Ashes from a cremation look nothing like the ashes from a
newport - its looks like 10 pounds of broken teeth
Attending a cremation: is this a thing? Do people do that?
 Chris Hypnodisc 
Is it now socially acceptable and customary to put funeral
photo's on Facebook? 
 Theodora Sutcliffe 
Sarong and sash donned. Off to the cremation.
 Esmeralda ♥ 
I've never been to a funeral :c
 Kathy Hatfield 
When asked, "How do you do it?" a caregiver replied,
 "Love gives me no choice."
 MC Ellis 
Im definitely bout to walk out of this church we mite as
well had the funeral outside 
This is about to sound really ghetto but my Grandma's
funeral slapped.
 Raymond Liu 
every single ceremony has its special meaning. although
some r super emotional. especially the cremation one.
I can't hold it. RIP, grandpa.
October seems to be the month of death. Someone
give me good news.
Funeral went ok. I did pretty well until my sis talked. Not
a dry eye in the place. It was great seeing @ there.
 Sean Hollister 
For a health care conference, there sure are a lot of TEDMED
guests speaking about the importance of death. Personally, I approve.
 Zylen Dawkins 
Just got back from Dick's Wings with the guys. Funeral
service was sad. I started crying when Mr.Cook cried,
that was too much.
 Kate Romanova 
I want "the high road" to play at my funeral.
 Jon Winokur 
There are only two things to write about: life and death.
 Bárbara Bismutto 
My lifestyle determines my death style ;)
 Susan Kaplan 
Came home from LB's funeral. He was my
bio teacher, my sister's best friend's ex, my
daughter's best friend's dad. It was a fitting goodbye.
 Travis Amonett 
Okay 1 more hour than the funeral home. I hate
funeral homes. :/
Katy Perry just stole my cremation/put my ashes
into fireworks plan. The best form of flattery is imitation.
 Bao Xiong 
On my way to the funeral home with my lover!
 Diveka Milla 
:( I never been to a funeral before... my parents always
made sure I stayed home
bay area peeps - know any "green" burial professionals?
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