Friday, February 3, 2012

Death Tweets

My Favorite Death Related Tweets since September 2011

 Nora Tol 

Back from a heavy day (cremation). Certain songs are real tear jerkers in certain situations.
 Gabby and Courtney 

3 years today since my grandpa died +they play his funeral song on dancing on ice ... Cant stop crying:'( :'( :'(
 Keyona ♥ 

Wish I could go to the funeral.
 kachikwu benedict 

Death why?
 Very Rude Tweets™ 

My boss died last week. I went to his funeral today but was asked to leave. Apparently taking photos & throwing confetti is for weddings.

Really confused as to how Damien Hirst managed to get Zooey Deschanel sealed in a plexiglass vat of formaldehyde for his latest exhibit.
 Matt Koviak 

This is going to sound morbid but I want a green burial. No embalming, no fancy casket. Just find a chill meadow and dig a hole. 
 Koshy Warren 

I don't get the logic of going to the funeral home of a lady I met once who had 2 sets of eyebrows:(rEC
 Funny Tweets 

"I'm sorry" and "my bad" mean the same thing... Unless you're at a funeral.
 Sabriena Lynn 

My mom clapped during a funeral... Fml
 J Bruzual 

Was just at the funeral of a 16 year old girl, wouldn't it be a shame if all your stupidity and bullying caused another one? 

 WTF, who gets open casket post autopsy!? I'm organ donor + cremation. FYI.

I'm not saying Chesham is boring but they don't bury the dead here, they just embalm them and sit them in Cafe Nero to make it look crowded

I love that there's a website called "The Daily Undertaker"
 Clayton Hove 

I'd choose cremation, but I'm lactose intolerant.
 Blow The Mind 

Really thought this would be about fast food secrets. /RL RT: Serving the dead as a higher calling 
 Sylvan Rose. 

 Balinese funerals are pretty full on especially when they do the cremation sleep well mate talk soon night xo
 Young Court 

 , Take Yo Ass To Sleep. You Mean Funeral
 Paul Smith 

Just been accosted by evangelists in the street outside the pub whilst on a wake after a humanist cremation. 
 Jesus Shuttlesworth 

finna go to my uncle funeral man R.I.P uncle markie!
 Ayomide Adaranijo 

The light has turned green twice. But we can't move cuz a burial thingy is passing
 Suzanne Munshower 

OMG! RT : When we lose a loved one, they are never really gone as long as we can shoot them from our guns.

Dying a slow death but dont come to my funeral if you're a bitch
 David Putney 

Picked up my cat's ashes from the vet. I suspect that pet cremation is a scam. Well, it would be if I ran it.

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