Tuesday, February 7, 2012

France Opens First Official Muslim Cemetery

France, which is home to a six million Muslim minority, has seen the opening if it's first official Muslim Cemetery in Strasbourg.  Until now, French Muslims had few options other than Muslim only sections in public cemeteries and repatriation of their dead back to their lands of origin.

Because of strict regulations requiring Muslims to be buried as soon as possible following death, ritual washing and prayers, the cemetery will greatly facilitate the ability of French Muslims to follow the dictates of their faith.

The creation of this official cemetery also sends a message of acceptance and integration.  “If a religious community is to feel entirely at home in a city, it must be helped in building places for worship and for the burial of its believers,” said Strasbourg Mayor Roland Ries.
Erkin Acikel, head of the Regional Council for Muslim Affairs said “This cemetery meets a pressing and legitimate need by Muslims and shows how migrants are increasingly putting down roots... We belong on this soil and being buried here is a sign of integration.”
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