Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Note in her Pocket

I was preparing a lady for her burial the other day in the clothes she had set out for that purpose. Her husband had passed away years ago, and she didn't have any children or close relatives. In fact, she was buried without a service beforehand, as was her wish. As I placed her coat on her, I noticed that there was something in the pocket. It was a letter to her husband, written on the back of an old faded black and white photo from their wedding day over 60 years ago. They were dressed as people often dressed for their weddings just after the war, when few could afford a wedding dress or fancy service. Her husband wore a dark suit and she wore a gray one with large flowers in her hair. In a cheerful tone, she told him how she looked forward to seeing him again, to being together to laugh and listen to music together once more. She told him that only God and the two of them knew how deeply they loved one another.
Sometimes I feel very lucky to be an undertaker. The hours are terrible, but I bet rock stars and senators don't get to find notes like that at their jobs.


Randi Lee Ross Marodi said...

How sweet. It must have been nice to find such a note and to know that the woman was loved.

Jay said...

Patrick, what a lovely artifact to find: if I may, I'd like to refer to your wonderful story on
all the best to you and your readers for the holidays
Judy Bachrach

Patrick McNally said...

My best to you this season as well. By all means, feel free to mention this story on

Please visit the 'Ask Judy' link on the right margin of this page for information about Judy Bachrach's wonderful site and advice to the dying and those who care about them.

Leila Marvel said...

What a beautiful piece of the past to find, i often think things like that when i think of my nana, one day I will see her again, and it will be the happiest moment.

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