Friday, September 12, 2008

Memorial Folders

Cress Funeral Service Memorial Folder
Memorial folders are handed out to everyone attending the funeral service and visitation, and, if possible, they should be something special that reminds family and friends of the person they are missing. I designed my first memorial folder at age 8. I've found that often full body shots and older photos that the family might not necessarily want to use for the obituary photo work nicely when faded out and placed in the middle of the folder. These folders are shown opened up. The one on top shows a the lady kissing her husband before he left for the war. We can imagine their kiss when reunited at last. Next is a man who loved animals, and there he is behind his team of horses. Directly below this text are a couple more animal theme photos. On top the lady is on her horse with her brother in childhood. Below, a man with the dog he adopted in the army. This dog was German and took orders from him only in German.

Patrick McNally Memorial Folder I made this last set for my mother-in-law's service. The top shows the back and front cover. On the back, below the obituary is a favorite family photo showing her legs, along with those of her daughters. "Mom had the best legs". On the front, she's a Majorette in High School, and inside are photos from her early days as well. Somehow, these folders always end up being a work of love.

McNally Custom Memorial Folder

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