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my wonderful life
“Research shows the majority of people want a final farewell that reflects their personality and how they lived their lives," says co-founder, Sue Kruskopf. “Our new site,, helps people who aren’t comfortable talking about death with their loved ones to communicate their wishes in a way that’s non-threatening and completely personalized.”
According to Kruskopf, offers a secure online environment where registered users can create a “book” representing their Wonderful Life. As part of this process, users identify six “Angels” who will be notified upon their death. These Angels are given access to the deceased’s personalized book, as well as a summary, which outlines that person’s wishes.
The concept of came to Kruskopf and business partner, Nancy Bush, when Bush’s husband, John, passed away in 2006.
“Funeral planning on can be as simple as creating a list of the songs and readings you want at your funeral,” said Bush. “Not everyone wants to have their ashes launched into space, but most people have some idea of how they want people to celebrate their life. This web site gives them the tools to make those wishes a reality.”
In addition to this service, posts inspiring stories of personalized funeral services. Here are two examples:
Buried in Corvair In 1998, Rose Martin died at age 84. Prior to her death she let her friends and family know that she wouldn’t be buried without her 1962 Chevrolet Corvair. Martin had been driving the car around her hometown of Tiverton, Massachusetts for 36 years. The local body shop had to make some adjustments to the vehicle in order to fit a casket inside, but Martin got her wish and was buried in the Corvair, which took up four funeral plots at the cemetery.

Ice Cream Truck Leads Funeral Procession
Before Henry Ewell died in 2003 he called upon Massachusetts funeral director, Bob Biggins, to arrange his funeral. Since Mr. Ewell was an ice cream vendor, Biggins planned for the funeral procession to be led by his ice cream truck. Mourners were also served a Popsicle at the end of the funeral.

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