Saturday, September 27, 2008

Isabella Blow: Laid to Rest in Style

Isabella Blow
Isabella Blow Funeral

Isabella Blow Funeral procession

Isabella Blow Laid to rest in Style

Even at her funeral, Isabella Blow managed to have the most spectacular hat in the room.
Some of fashion's biggest names gathered to say their farewells to the style guru known for her love of eccentric headgear and red lipstick.
Though many wore extravagant creations in tribute, none could top the black sailing ship bonnet adorning the coffin.
It was the work of milliner Philip Treacy, one of many whose careers she helped launch.
Fitting tribute: Stunning hat sits on the style diva's coffin
Others, such as the model Sophie Dahl and designer Alexander McQueen, joined him among the 350 mourners at Gloucester Cathedral.
One of the pall bearers was Otis Ferry, the son of her friend Bryan Ferry who arranged her first job in fashion at Vogue magazine in New York.
Blow was said to regularly attend the cathedral "always in different hats" with her husband Detmar, whom she married there in 1989.
Detmar attended today's service in the same white suit that he wore at their marriage.
The service opened with the hymn O Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem, composed by John Blow, a descendant of Blow's husband.
Mourners wore their wildest headgear for the funeral
Miss Blow, 48, died last week after taking weedkiller - the third time she had apparently attempted suicide.
Actor Rupert Everett said during the service: "For someone who was suicidal, she was constantly dazzled by life and life was constantly dazzled by her."

Everett remembered their travels together in India.
Everett said: "Now you have got what you wanted Issy and we are all wondering why.
"You were a one off, a genius friend, your own creation in a world of copycats and I will miss you for the rest of my life."
Photos and text from Daily Mail, for the full article follow the link

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Love how they decorated the casket. Beautiful.

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