Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Going to the Funeral is not enough"

"My point here is this …. I didn’t just attend the funerals. These men are thought and spoke of often in my house. They are not forgotten!"

"What happens after the funeral? Who looks after the family and loved ones left behind? If you simply attend the services to let everyone see you were there and think you’ve done your duty …YOU’RE WRONG.....
....Randy  knew or worked with or  for neither of these men yet he understood why we were there, doing what we were doing. At least I hope he understood.  He has heard us tell the stories and talk about these members ( and others ). In Rhett’s article, he spoke of  ”paying his respects” … Randy paid his today and it wasn’t by going to the funerals.  Could this be how at least part of  ”The Brotherhood”  is passed along? I think it is.
These men were a part of our Department, our “family”, OUR “Brotherhood” . They are a part of our history … our traditions…. the subjects of great stories,  unbelievable acts and even some good firehouse pranks.
You don’t “owe” it to them to go to the funeral or to even remember their names and stories …. THEY’VE EARNED IT !"
-Captain Wines, IronFiremen

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