Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Enameled Gold Mourning Ring on 'The Ornamented Being'

This enamelled gold mourning ring commemorates the death of Samuel Nicholets of Hertfordshire who died on 7th July 1661, as is recorded in the inscription inside the ring. The ring is hollow, and a lock of hair curls around within it, visible through the openwork of the enamelled decoration of skulls and coats of arms.”
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gloriamundi said...

Patrick, this isn't a comment on these extraordinary and beautiful rings, it's a little thank you for a post of yours way back in 2008. I've just come across it on this excellently well-organised blog. It's to help family memebers who will be giving the euology at a family funeral. I've adapted it and shall use it as notes for me to help people I talk to at family meetings, it's so useful and sensible. Thanks.

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