Thursday, September 16, 2010

Twitter Thursday!

  1. Toniatoniamd 
    7 hrs @ a funeral home makes u crave a stiff drink

  2. Lee LamingerStLamicus 
    Just saw a girl leaving a funeral home in a denim hotpants jumpsuit. Well, of it's gonna be *that* kind of party...
  3. BarbiBarbiDollSelena 
    @TeamXSGomez I know how you feel I lost my best friend 4 month ago and i still can't accept his death
  4. SweetMitEditionSweetMitEdition 
    I wish I could twitpic this lady using 2 funeral home church fans as visors in her car.

  5. Vaula Mrrockferryberry 
    Back home from the funeral, pretty empty feeling..
  6. abegail hacutinaMiYoung063095 
    just got home from the funeral of my friend. im gonna miss her like hell. :(
  7. adeline boey ai linadeboey 
    Attended a 19 year old girls funeral really hit me A LOT. Wonder will God take me as fast as her?? OMO OMO...

  8. RyJibberroo 
    My grandmothers funeral is in 5 days. So many people wanted to come they had to get a larger venue, that's how loved she was :)

  9. Heather ElizabethHeatherHorror 
    the funeral's preacher was an effing joke.

  10. Jenny DrewJenny_Drew 
    Knitting cancelled for this week due to a funeral :(

  11. Big Brother Liveofficialbblive  
    14:06 Everybody is getting changed into their black suits and dresses in preparation for the funeral #UBB
  12. kadheshiaayuNEEDmee 
    everybody wearingg white to my cousins funeral today cus its a celebration. im wearing turqoise cus its her fav. color.

  13. Rashaan TukesTheRealBigTukes 
    Am I wrong for nor goin to the funeral of family member I never met before, I got more important shit to do than sit and hear people crying!


Charles Cowling said...

You are becoming a really quite important social historian. This is invaluable documentary. (How you harvest these disparate tweets I have no idea!) Thank you.

Katie said...

I agree with Charles!

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