Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twitter Tuesday - More Funeral related Tweets

  1. kadheshiaayuNEEDmee everybody wearingg white to my cousins funeral today cus its a celebration. im wearing turqoise cus its her fav. color.
  2. Rashaan TukesTheRealBigTukes 

    Am I wrong for nor goin to the funeral of family member I never met before, I got more important shit to do than sit and hear people crying!
  3. cortez harristmoneycorteboi 

    Only at a funeral home in the hood will they have a telephone in the flower arrangement http://twitpic.com/2kvl7r
  4. rozalynnerozalynne 

    Funerals are so depressing, I'm having a cremation party.
  5. Sarahsalty_birdie 

    RT @Hofinator10 Good some dude sprayed some people protesting at a marines funeral with mace. Put me on that jury. Not Guilty #godblessUSA
  6. ✔ Verified iBe TripzTweetnAssChiqk 

  7. Vivianevahzie 

    The funeral home workers are so nice <3
  8. Ian Cawseyiancawsey 

    Packed crematorium for the funeral of our local pub landlord, Alex then a doo at the pub that he would have been proud of.
  9. Jonathan CooperBeGreatness 

    @PrettyNBlasian I had to get one of them church fan with the funeral home advertisements
  10. Zoolander QuoteACenterForAnts 

    @KopecStephen Now if you'll excuse me, I have an after-funeral party to attend.
  11. Tina - omme i Londontwishart 

    Going to a funeral today in the pouring rain, thankfully it will be a cremation!
  12. Kristine van Doornkrissssje 

    The cremation ceremony was beautiful. Was crying the whole time, but when i had to say my stuff, i managed to do so :) still really sad tho
  13. Kiki MarliKikiMarli 

    I do regret not got going to the funeral coz Jeff was my best friend. It would have been best if I went to pay my last respect.#Koyo

  14. Suzan AhmetMayContainSooz 

    @LaurenRichman I want rainbows and butterflies at my funeral.

  15. Jack B. Lynnjbllynn 

    On my way home from a unique funeral.
  16. Benjamin NiznikEmil_Barr 

    Went to a funeral today. And I learned Im too fat to fit into my old suit now XD I need a new one
  17. Xi Voon Tanxivoontan 

    The funeral rites are gonna take place in a few hours, but I'm still not quite ready to bid her a final farewell.
  18. Ben Danielsaggrokragg 

    I take my Subway sandwich much more seriously since the guy who made it had a "Death Before Dishonor" tattoo.#hardcoresandwich
  19. Debiey Aimee Debieyxoxx 

    He's like a funeral home: pretty on the outsite dark n depressing on the inside
  20. Elisa Doucetteopheliaswebb 

    Dear @Hannaford - Your semi that just cut off a funeral procession on I295 into South Portland is super classy
  21. G-I-BThisisGIB 

    Had to do the funeral thing today... R.I.P. Momma Banks#letthetruthbetold
  22. Thea SnelsonTheaSnelson 

    Just broke down in Goodwills fitting rooms. Buying a shirt for Grandpa's funeral.
  23. AnthaFlockaFlameAnthaBeeLovely  

    All y'all bitches commin to this funeral to b nosey and to stand around lookin dumb ... Stay yo ass home ... And leave ur kids home 2
  24. zackeryzakmo 

    Funeral home is packed out. Line goes from the parlor through the chapel to the door.
  25. Meg Gatto WGNOMegGatto 

    Heading to Holy Name for Dave Dixon's funeral...his family wants everyone to wear blk and gold today in honor of him!
  26. Kimberly Hunterkhun21 

    Funeral at 11 :/
  27. WWOZ 90.7 FM wwoz_neworleans 

    Memorial service for Al Morris, Big Chief of North Side Skull & Bone Gang, today 10am @ Rhodes Funeral Home (3933 Washington Av).
  28. STEFI™ madabout_STEPH 

    When me and my mom were driving home we had to wait for this long ass funeral procession. I hate funerals =/ my prayers go out to the family
  29. Katebigkatenewsome 

    A friend's husband died. Too young to be so ill. Funeral home, then back to my husband. I'm a very, very lucky woman.
  30. mariannespmariannesp 

    You know what "song" I want to hear at my funeral? The sound of tires squealing out of the funeral home parking lot.#likeIcouldhearitanyway

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