Saturday, September 25, 2010

Death on Twitter

  1. Deborah Naardenmevr_naarden 
    Im so proud♡ , Elijah (7 year old ) playing the drums at his grandmothers funeral
  2. Brandy FaulknerBrandyFaulkner 
    Going to be such a weird day. Going to a Funeral then a football game.
  3. Gia Milinovichgiagia 
    @MimFox Of course! Burial/cremation are fundamentally ways of 'dealing with' the body. It's just some want to sprinkle fairy dust on top.;)

  4. riana andrianirianariani 
    dear my opung i hope you rest in peace in heaven :( i wish i can come to your funeral tomorrow (21/09/10)

  5. Brian Papabpapa 
    There is some sort of truckers funeral procession or parade stretching for miles on I84 and it is awesome.

  6. Lowdown LorettaBrownNova_Miu 
    Home alone. Exploring the liquor cabinet. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label looks like a funeral casket #doingthemost

  7. Nurul Farhananurulfmohtar 
    at home again, in Parit Buntar. A funeral and a wedding ; yesterday it was.

  8. RAWRBieberHitGirl 
    i hope cancer gets cancer and dies ,then id go to the funeral i beat the crap out of cancer #RIPhannah

  9. Autumn WilliamsAutumnSixx 
    In very uncomfortable funeral clothes :/

  10. Hips for HireHipsForHire 
    RT@kegill then you and I are among the lucky ones, who face death, and thus can better embrace life! #BTD

  11. JennyJenndola 
    @bellebeandog Utah is famous for its funeral potatoes. They are awesomely tasty. Cheese, sour cream, potatoes - where could that go wrong?

  12. Jeremy RandsJeremyRands 
    Pray! I am heading to the funeral of the man I watched die in a car crash Sunday. I desire greatly to see his family saved.

  13. rachel slursrachelslurs 
    there's something strangely ironic about going to burger king before a funeral.

  14. Buddy  BurkBuddytc 
    well the funeral is today for Mrs Jackie Yancey ...... y'all please pray for her and her family..... iiiiii

  15. Linda KnightLindaShirley 
    @jmhzia morning my friend, yes its hospice, then the funeral home and to german restaurant.

  16. Stacy Small EliteTravelGal 
    Thinking of my dad 2day as Yom Kippur was always impt 2 him. Didn't grow up religious but this was the 1 day of yr we always went 2 temple

  17. Karen  Poncepsychonightelf 
    is re-reading a card from her Lola. Cremation was this morning. Thinking of Lola and everyone back home.

  18. Jill WilliamsChefJillW 
    Funeral procession on franklin rd and I am 1 of 2 cars pulled off the road. Society makes me sad sometimes.

  19. Lauren Davistellcincinnati 
    And due to my dad being crazy cakes, we're 2 hours early. The guy at the funeral home offered to make us cookies, lol.

  20. Kem Oonenonlynony 
    It annoys me that people think its okay to wear jeans to any funeral service

  21. OrganizedWisdomRelationshipsOW 
    Nothing Like a Good Funeral....: I didn't really know the deceased, but I knew her son quite well. I... #relationships

  22. Ian WellzIanwellz 
    You should not be wearing more than 4inch heels at a funeral. #inappropriate

  23. Mar OrtizWhatSheDesires 
    I literally had a small anxiety attack at the funeral home! I'm not good with funerals! :/

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