Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Favorites

what twitter

People tweet about everything, including death and grieving. Here are a few of my favorites. They range from sad to hilarious, profound to inane, and show a great range of very human reactions. Enjoy, I did!

    1. There's no a in cemetery
    2. matt rundio
      After our cat ran away, my grieving daughter
      got her sister to give her a memorial #tattoo
    3. Shyla Heinke
      Whoever the fuck thought it would be a
      good idea to shut down the strip for a
      fucking funeral is a fucking idiot!
    4. melpeabody
      Grieving in process...please respect
      the grief
    5. Bradley Williams
      Heading to the cemetery to visit
      grandpa and put flowers on his
      grave for Christmas.
    6. Nichole Bentley
      The most peaceful place I know
      is a very small, very, very old,
      cemetery in Kakankee State Park......
    7. Katie Wearing
      Im off to the cemetery to spend a
      bit of time with my grandparents.x
    8. Tibbi-ShÀe
      Just came home from funeral of
      my greatfather. I've never seen
      my dad and grandma crying
      so much. Rest in peace xxx
    9. Tracie Lynn Clayton
      going to the Cemetery to put
      out the christmas stuff today
    10. Margaret Maitland
      Refuse from embalming process
      might needed by the dead but
      was too impure for the tomb so
      it was ritually buried nearby
    11. Michelle
      Hahaha my family are doing
      a cost benefit analysis of burial
      vs cremation. Love them.
    12. Jen (Morris) Miller
      interesting fact: I have always
      wanted to see an embalming
    13. grick astley
    14. when you think about what it
      involves, cremation is really awful
    15. Angela Garrett
      going to the cemetery today
      ...can't believe it's been 15yrs!
    16. Vincent Murphy
      @PatWKirk I agree. Only thing
      I have against cremation is
      the crematorium industry - far
      too commercial (in general).
    17. Marriah Palestino
      @narrzbar Only the hard Only
      the strong. It's in greek script.
      It's a memorial for my grandma.
    18. Miss Asterisk
      grieving... i need to stay focus
      but its hard when your eyes
      are full of tears and everything
      is a blur.
    19. Zjanette
      @MaxLucado Funeral or cremation
      makes no difference in expense in
      The Netherlands. But cremation is
      not good for the environment.
    20. Dr. Ian  Thomas
      #whatsbetter burial or cremation?????
      <- Cremation! Chepaer & saves money.
    21. Aaron Nordyke
      When I woke up this morning,
      my first thought was anger toward
      Luke Skywalker for not grieving his
      Aunt and Uncle's deaths.
    22. Fake AP Stylebook
      Stories on the success of new
      media printed in traditional
      newspapers are no longer
      allowed out of respect for the
    23. Fern C Michonski
      I'm back to work after my Mom's
      funeral. It was a beautiful
      tribute to my Mom's life. I will
      miss her, but I know she's in
      a better place.
    24. luciana_adele
      i just read the best obituary
      i have ever seen in my life.
      should the correct reaction to
      an obviously labored over tribute
      be laughter?
    25. Kathi Sharpe
      Nice service at the funeral home
      for families who lost loved
      ones through the year. Thanks
      wilmington burial and cremation!
    26. Liam Brandon Mastne
      i wasnt mentioned as one of the
      survivng grand children in my
      grandfathers obituary TODAY SUCKS
    27. TiddlyBlog
      It has been a week since dad passed
      away and tomorrow work again, how
      can companies put a day limit on
      grieving a loved one?
    28. David Schilling
      We just returned from a cremation.
      Always sad to say goodbye from
      the ones you love. Wonderful
      music ("Les PĂȘcheurs de Perles" from Bizet)
    29. Jason M. Adkins
      Went to my first funeral today.
      My great-grandma Sievers' service was nice.
    30. Gion M. Battle
      #youknowyouruglyif The undertaker
      recommends a closed casket, but your
      family opts for cremation!
    31. Ian Daddybones
      says smoke a blunt in memory of
      Paul Edwards.....I'm thinking about his
      friends who are grieving right now. Life
      is fucked up.
    32. amel
      Dress code for my funeral/cremation:
      Gothic lolita a la Tim Burton. Bring your
      black umbrellas.
    33. Peter Cowley
      My son's cremation was today. He will be
      re-united with Glastonbury Tor on Saturday.
      May his spirit now fly free.
    34. Siemone Smith
      If a person dies with braces on their teeth,
      are they buried with the braces on?...hmmm
    35. Karl Jean-Jeune
      So Facebook decided to put my account
      into a MEMORIAL STATE as if I was dead!
      I really wanna know who reported me dead
      to facebook!
    36. Marites M. Lahip
      Stuff To Ponder :If the funeral procession
      is at night, do folks drive with their
      headlights off?
    37. Venting Monkey
      Nana just showed me the obituary she
      wrote for herself. She's not planning
      on dying soon, she just wanted to make
      sure it's done right.
    38. Chuichi Hashimura
      Tomorrow hold a memorial service on
      the 50th anniversary of my grandfather's
      death so hafta be ready for that a..
    39. Invisible H
      @sn0t Cremation, baby. I don't wanna
      be no zombie.
    40. Daniel Goldman
      Are you reading @dailyundertaker? You
      really should be. The most interesting and
      well-written funeral blog I've read.
    41. Jon Sanity
      cemetery visit for gramps. can't help
      but be emotional. HAPPY BIRTHDAY,
      GRANDPA! we miss you.
    42. Grand Eclectus
      Things not to say to a grieving person:
      "You know, the holidays are going to
      be really hard for you." //Oh, d'ya think?
      Peeps mean well.
    43. Caroline Zilk
      RT @OHnewsroom Editor: “What’s going
      on the rest of page 8?” Writer: “My obituary.
      I figure Ill take one for the team.”
    44. Christine Strouts
      "The Daily Undertaker is now following you
      on Twitter!" - Ah, come on now. Death
      does not become me just yet. I ain't THAT sick.
    45. Mr T
      Mr. T would have died four hundred and
      twenty times by now, but Death is afraid of him.
    46. Meg Kribble
      Now wondering if funeral directors use
      Twitter as back channel for their
      conferences too. Because that wd be
      totally fascinating.
    47. Amy Nelson
      Taking the bus to a funeral on a beautiful day.
      Nothing about this seems right.
    48. James Dozier
      Only at a funeral do you see thousands of old
      school "Playa's"
    49. Tuesday
      HUsband's company won't pay him for the 2
      days he missed for my grandfatehr's funeral
      in NJ. He is a salaried employee! Terrible!
    50. Tuesday
      Just had one of those good cleansing,
      ugly, sobbing cries. I feel better but now
      my eyes are a puffy, tired mess.
    51. Hill Holliday
      Sounds grim, TV stations run local obituary
      after 3 of 4 newspapers pulled back. AdAge:
    52. Sally Anderson
      My school was so tough the school
      newspaper had an obituary section.
    53. J.C. Kibbey
      Once upon a time, the only written
      record most people left behind when
      they died was their obituary, cleaned
      up and written by someone else
    54. fundertaker
      Idea: pass out cigars


Charles Cowling said...

A wonderful, fascinating and very revealing collection -- each one conscientiously squirrelled away. Admirable.

Thank you, Pat!

nervs said...


thank you.

i could give a few,
imagine getting a head injury
tramautic brain injury
then coma before
and facebook.

then awake from coma when heath ledger died.


thank you.

Wild Child said...

This is Elohcin523. I just found this. Thanks for posting my tweet? Not really sure if you are making fun of what I wrote or what....

Patrick McNally said...

Wild Child, No! I really like what you said- I think that more people need to appreciate the positive things that cemeteries offer to our communities and to us as individuals.
Best to you!

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