Saturday, January 31, 2009

Towed Away: A meaningful procession

In previous posts about funeral processions and vehicles, I noted that what is important in a processional vehicle is that it is special and meaningful. The procession is one of the most important and symbolic parts of a funeral, and so a special vehicle helps to set it apart from other journeys. The vehicle should be meaningful by conveying a dignity and solemnity, or expressing something special about it's passenger.

The procession and vehicles used for the late owner of Freeburg Towing service certainly fit the bill.

Pallbearers placed the Pruett's casket onto one of his company's flatbed tow trucks after a service Friday morning at the Renner Funeral Home in Freeburg.

Numerous tow trucks from around the metro-east joined in the funeral procession Friday for Freeburg Towing owner Lewis "Louie" Pruett.
Pruett died on Jan. 27, at the age of 75. He had been the founder, owner and operator of Freeburg Towing for over 35 years.
Follow the link to watch a brief video of the procession

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The Undertaker said...

that is absolutely brilliant! I love it. I wonder if towing companies would start offering this service for a low cost...

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