Friday, March 23, 2012

For Sale- VW Funeral Trailer

The procession is one of the most ancient and meaningful parts of  a funeral service.  It is a public acknowledgement of the importance of an individual's life and passing.  As such, the choice of vehicle should be intentional and appropriate to the life lived.  If you are in the market for a special and meaningful way to transport your dead to their memorial function and place of rest, consider this beautiful reminder of the VW Westfalia camper bus.

For Sale - Westfalia Funeral Trailer (one of only a handful in the UK and certainly one of the best) 8ft x 4.5ft x 4ft high. Can be painted to match your towing vehicle free of charge if a deposit is taken in the next couple of weeks. Original Magnesium Fuch wheels. Price £3000 email me if you would like more info/pics marc @ dogsndubs .com  

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Charles Cowling said...

What a beauty! Well found! I hope this post will help it find a good home.

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