Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twitter Tuesday - More Funeral related Tweets

My Favorite tweets about death since April this year - enjoy

 Zip Zap Zoom Jetta 

Wil never attend a funeral of the people who are not going to attend mine 

you're so not invited to my funeral.
 Paul S 

Funerals suck.
 Paul S 

In no particular order, today I: made a priest doubt my Catholicism, laughed during a cremation, and confused a nun.
 Stephanie Kenez 

Useless fact I learnt at uni today: pacemakers have to be removed before cremation, otherwise they explode & cause damage to the furnace
 carla isabel 

quite informative. The Daily Undertaker, The Variety and Importance of Ritual 

Oh god they just showed a clip on the news of a dog lying next to the coffin of his soldier owner at his funeral and I am BAWLING.
 Jack Burditt 

Based on the movies and TV I watched as I kid, I used to believe that the number one cause of death was quicksand
 Charles Cowling 

Can you help with this enquiry: Is there a nice river in Scotland a family can scatter ashes in? No water treatment effluent permissible.
 Sam Benson. 

Oh and, I'm seeing my aunt's body on Monday evening. Her cremation is the day after. I'm pretty sure I'll cry a lot...

Gonna miss my granddad's cremation. :(
 kyara holmes 

Stuck behind a funeral line !
 Amber V 

 Agreed. Which is why I hope the Swedish Promession technology is available in the US when I die.
 Ciara Paine 

A blooming good idea for organic burials: To date, promession has been tested on naturally deceased animal carca...
 Elyce Gabriella ^_.^ 

 : I want to die in Hawaii and have a natural cremation. then let my ashes float out to see as my friends look on to me flying away

I'm at a funeral,& my dad goes up to the pianist in the church & asks if she has any hip hop,she replies:"ooh no!, we don't play that here!"
 Michael Sennhauser 

Most words have long been sentenced to death.
 M U F A S A . 

I had a dream that my step dad had a second funeral and he's been gone going on 3 years o_O
 Jordan Henry 

Maybe I should go church this weekend! The only time I've ever been is when there's been a funeral lol 
Will I ever forgive myself for not being there for his cremation? No. But it's the price I pay for choosing where I stand. He'll understand.

 I'm a realist. My retirement plan: cremation.

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