Friday, May 27, 2011

Kinkaraco awarded Eileen Fisher Grant

Kinkaraco Burial Shroud (l), Eileen Fisher Scarf (r)
Women's Clothing Designer Eileen Fisher, a long time advocate of supporting businesses that create a positive impact in the world, has awarded a grant to Green Burial Products company, Kinkaraco. "Through my own company, I've seen how the way we do business has had a positive effect on people's lives," says Fisher. "I see this grant money as encouragement to women business owners who are trying to do the same."  The program recognized 100% women-owned businesses that are innovative and produce products that foster environmental and economic heath in their communities.  Kinkaraco Green Burial Products, founded in 2005, created the first structured secular burial shroud for environmental purpose to be used without a casket.  The shroud debuted on the HBO series 'Six Feet Under' in 2005 on the green burial episode.  Founder and designer, Esmerelda Kent has been a green burial pioneer since 2004, working in California's first green cemetery.  Kinkaraco has recently launched "Mort Couture', a new line of elegant biodegradable shrouds.
Designer Eileen Fisher
The Eileen Fisher Business Grant Program for Woman Entrepreneurs was launched in 2004 with a single grant of $20,000 to commemorate the company’s 20th
anniversary. Since then, up to five grants have been awarded each year to 100%
women women-owned businesses that combine the
principles of social consciousness, sustainability, and innovation to create
new businesses or invigorate existing ones. Applications for the 2011 Women-Owned
Business Program will be accepted from March 15-May15, 2011, 11:59 P.M.
EST.  For more information about the
program or to submit an application, please visit www.eileenfisher/grants
Esmerelda Kent, Designer and Founder of Kinkaraco

Kinkaraco-Green Burial Products is headquartered in San Francisco California’s Mission District. Please visit: 
To read the July 2010 Daily undertaker interview with Esmerelda Kent, visit: 

The Shrouds of Kinkaraco: A Conversation with Esmerelda Kent

And for more on the relationship between fashion and death, visit:

Fashion and Funerals

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