Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Technology Facilitates Ritual at Japanese Cemetery

In Japan, a novel solution has been found for overcrowded cemeteries - high rise columbarium condos with a high tech vending machine style retrieval system. Families insert a card at an altar and the urn of their loved one is brought to them for a visit.

This innovation shows that when something is important enough, we can find ways to facilitate it. For other posts on cemetery crowding and solutions, visit:

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Charles Cowling said...

Splendid. And clearly congruent with what people want. It's a very attractive idea.

I've just been reading back through your other related posts. Taken together, they form a useful, thought-provoking resource. I especially admired your post: Japanese cemeteries fill up...

Thank you, Pat. Yet more nourishing wisdom from you!

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